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An area without growth is bound to failure. We are all about growth and empowerment

The organization aims to create and promote progressive growth in an environment where there’s gender imbalance in terms of professional growth and advancement in all dimensions of the town planning profession


The increasing rate of unemployed graduates is a compelling factor for planners in the industry to take accountability and assist in placing graduates in short to medium term employment opportunities that would help them enter the job market and register with the relevant Council. The program is exclusive to WiPSA members.

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WiPSA recognizes the need for professional development beyond the traditional academic training and therefore sets a platform for continuous engagement through a range of seminars, workshops, conference and free online short-courses aimed at advancing career growth and commitment to being a planner of the highest quality. This will ensure that the under-privileged students are given an equal opportunity to access information

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A vast number of students at high school level have been put at a disadvantage due to the lack of adequate knowledge when it comes to choosing a career. Reach-out programmes will be organised such as school visits and or career exhibitions to assist learners with their career choice

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WiPSA membership forms will be made available on the WiPSA website and will be provided on the day of the launch, which will be made available in hardcopy during the course of the function..

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